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BBVA TRADER, a new trading platform based on FALCON container technology

BBVA launches BBVA Trader, a platform 100% devoted to trading which has been developed by Web Financial Group using the innovative container structure #FALCON. High speed and the ability to detect and minimize risk to the client are some of the benefits of this new technology. Also BBVA Trader is a responsive-design website based on HTML5 technology that offers the most advanced private investors in markets operations, a simple and agile operation, accessible from computer or mobile devices in real time, and at no trading cost.

BBVA Trader - Falcon

As part of its commitment to digitizing, BBVA makes available to clients and non-clients alike a platform specializing in the purchase-sale of shares, warrants and ETFs intended for users with a trader and heavy-trader profile. In a second stage the platform will include trading with futures, options and CFD.

Users with an investor profile know there are opportunities in the markets and want to know where to find them. The key is information: it must be objective, for all markets and in real time. And also tools: it should be a platform that is easy to use, accessible from all devices, so the operations can be tracked on an ongoing basis. Customization, training and, of course, price competitiveness are part of their demands. BBVA Trader was designed to address all those needs.