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Web Financial Group prepares entry into swiss market selecting Equinix Zurich as its 5th data center in Europe

Web Financial Group extends its cooperation with Equinix selecting Zurich ZH4 as its first data center presence in Switzerland. With Amsterdam (NL) and Slough (UK), two of the four data centres already used by Web Financial Group in Europe are also managed by Equinix.

Situated in a prime location in the heart of Zurich, the purpose built highly specified data center will allow Web Financial Group to soon offer its full range of data-driven managed technology and marketing solutions to the Swiss banking sector.

Zurich Data Center

With 94,000+ square feet of centrally-located, highly secure colocation space, ZH4 Zurich IBX provides Web Financial Group with an extensive network choice and the ability to interconnect to partners and customers right across the digital supply chain. Equinix’s strict compliance with the high levels of physical security combined with data protection and privacy offered under Swiss law had been one of the decisive factors for Web Financial Group’s choice: “We create personalized user experience for retail investors based on realtime analysis of user data and its flexible combination with adequate investment information on a virtualized platform”, explains Dirk Behrens, CSO of Web Financial Group, “this can only be done in a highly reliable and well-secured environment like the one provided by Equinix.” Like all Equinix data centers, ZH4 is certified ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2005.

The ability to connect with its platforms in other European data centers in 30ms and therefore offer pan European solutions including business continuity and disaster recovery services played also an important role in Web Financial Group’s decision to select Equinix ZH4. “Our clients like Barclays, BBVA, Fidelity, HSBC or Santander require that we can rapidly replicate solutions we built and manage for them at one site and deploy them at others”, adds Behrens, “with our presence at Equinix ZH4, we assure the same offering to Swiss banks”.